EC3D optimal compression technology is the result of 25 years of state-of-the-art technological innovation for the medical field woven with a devotion to the active lifestyle. This Montreal-based company, specializing in three-dimensional seamless compression garments, was established in 2005 by brothers Gilbert and Daniel Ayoub, cofounders of Gildan, the world’s largest T-shirt manufacturer. Other cofounders were seamless knitting expert Michelle Simon and sports marketing expert Carine Villeneuve.

Working with surgeon Dr. Jean-Raymond Spenard, originally designed their seamless zoned compression wear for medical use after cosmetic surgery. Gilbert, a lifelong athlete, realized EC3D’s athletic applications.

Since injury is an inevitable part of sport, he and his partners focused on the most common injuries to design seamless zoned compression garments that optimize the biomechanics of the entire body, rather than merely isolating the injured muscle. The result is an anatomically specific calibrated compression garment that fits like a second skin for a smooth transition from injury to recovery.